CT Virtual Colonoscopy

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CT Virtual Colonoscopy

  • New minimally invasive method for early detection of colon cancer!
  • A proven superior replacement for conventional barium enema for diagnosis, patient comfort, and radiation dose. 2,4
  • Proven efficacy comparable to standard colonoscopy for the general population! 3,5
  • Lower risk of complications than standard colonoscopy.
  • Improved ability to find cancers and abnormalities beyond the colon! 1,3,5
  • Same day procedure!
  • No need for sedation or general anesthesia.
  • Covered by most private insurers!
  • Ask your doctor if CT colonoscopy is right for you! Have one at Excel today!
  • Note, high risk and other select patients may still benefit from standard colonoscopy over other less invasive modalities. Ask your doctor before pursuing any medical diagnostic exam.

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